Below are some examples of my cabinetry work. If you'd like more information on how to engage me for this type of work, please reach out through the form on the website, or call me at 207.450.2995.

details of a kitchen cabinet install

A view of a barnwood kitchen

interior, children's bedroom

image, built in bookcase

built-in desk

image, kitchen cabinets

detail, hinges, cabinets

image of open kitchen

detail, cutout built-in desk

detail, vanity


kitchen island

detail of kitchen island

close up detail of kitchen island drawer

image of an airy, light-filled kitchen with a blond kitchen island

detail of a light wood kitchen

details from a bath

bookcase built-in on either side of a fireplace

kitchen details

kitchen island

image of kitchen cabinets

further detail of kitchen


detail of kitchen

another view of the above kitchen

Valee kitchen

Valee kitchen, view 2

Valee kitchen, a long view

Vallee kitchen